Privacy Policy


The protection of your personal data is important to us, including with respect to your visit to our homepage. Your data will be protected in accordance with the requirements of law.

Notices and data on our website are for informational purposes only. Neither Nexia Deutschland GmbH nor its affiliated offices assume no liability whatsoever for the completeness and accuracy of the information contained therein.

We expressly dissociate ourselves from content and design of any and all pages linked on our website, and we neither adopt nor endorse its contents. This express statement shall be applicable to any and all of the links displayed on our website, and to any content and page to which links registered with us may lead.

Below you will find information about the kind of data that is being collected during your visit to our homepage and how it is being used:


1. Data collection and storage

When a webpage is visited, the browser generally transmits information about the browser type and version, the operating system being used, the referrer URL, the IP address, the file names, the access status, the volume of data transmitted, and the date and time of the server request. This data is not directly associated with a person or other data source and is temporary stored and then deleted after a statistical analysis.


2. Cookies

Your browser also stores so-called cookies, which are files that can make surfing the web more user-friendly. You can set your browser to prevent the storage of cookies.


3. Information, correction, blockage and deletion

Personal data are only collected, processed, used and stored so that they are inaccessible for third parties in order to respond to queries, process agreements and for technical administration unless you have been explicitly informed with regard to other purposes and you have consented to such use. Data are disclosed to third parties only for the purpose of conclusion of contract and/or with your consent. Personal data are neither disclosed nor sold. Consent to the use of data may be revoked at any time. You may request information about the stored data, the purpose of storage and their origin at any time. Moreover, in accordance with statutory provisions you have a right to correction, blockage and deletion of personal data. Please address any requests for information or objections to data processing via e-mail to or the address specified in the legal disclaimer.


4. Data Protection

Nexia Deutschland GmbH employs current technical measures in order to guarantee data protection, in particular for the protection of your personal data against the risks involved in data transmission and information accessed by third parties. In each case they are adapted to the current state of the art.